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The Accu-Chek LinkAssist is automatic insertion device for the Accu-Chek FlexLink infusion sets for easy, controlled, virtually painless automatic insertion.


  • Consistent placing of the cannula due to automated insertion process.
  • Quick and easy insertion.
  • Automatic insertion is easy and convenient because it can be done using only one hand, thus facilitating access to hard-to-reach infusion sites.


  • Height (pretensioned): 64.1 mm
  • Height (ready for insertion): 89.5 mm
  • Width:  78.6 mm
  • Depth: 27.5 mm
  • Compatible infusion set: Accu-Chek FlexLink with blue holder cap
  • Insertion angle: Straight, 90°
  • Packaging: 1 insertion device per box

How to use: 

Please wash your hands before use. Choose a site away from waistline, bones, scar tissue, belly button and recent infusion sites.

Prepare site according to the instructions from your health care professional. Allow the infusion site to dry before the soft cannula is inserted.

Push the tensioning element (grey) of the insertion device into its base (blue).  The insertion device is now pretensioned. This step locks the safety catch in place, and automatically makes the insertion device secure.

Hold the infusion set by its protective cover and with the blue holder cap pointing upward, insert it from below into the opening of the insertion device until you feel it lock into place.

Carefully remove the transparent protective cover of the infusion set by turning and pulling at the same time.  Remove both pieces of the self-adhesive backing from the self-adhesive.

Hold the base of the insertion device firmly in one hand and with the other hand pull the tensioning element out and up as far as it will go.  Holding the tensioning element, position the insertion device onto the prepared infusion site.  Slide the safety catch out of the lock position.

Press the release button.

Smooth out the self-adhesive and run your fingers over it. This ensures good skin contact.

Hold the self-adhesive in place, gently press the side clips of the blue holder cap and pull it from the cannula housing.

To remove the introducer needle, hold the cannula housing firmly to your body. Using its handle, withdraw the introducer needle in a straight angle.

Connect the primed transfer set to the newly inserted head set. A click must be heard when connecting. Fill the empty space of the cannula housing with a bolus of 1.0 units of insulin U-100. Start distribution with the pump.


  • Separate safety catch – prevents unintentional insertion.
  • Open base design – minimizes the incidence of the infusion set self-adhesive getting stuck to the insertion device.
  • Base design with ‘varying window’ – leaves the user in control of the insertion process and offers assurance of correct infusion set placement because insertion area and cannula remain visible.
  • Automatic locking of the insertion device – prevents unintended activation of the insertion device.
  • Immediate disengagement after release – prevents unintended extraction of the infusion set immediately after placement. 


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